10 January 2008

Eternity in the heart of man

"He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

A concept that is difficult for me to wrap my head around, eternity set in the heart of man. Yet how could someone not read those words and have them immediately jump off the page? A resounding THANK YOU LORD! It's something I feel on a daily basis. The longings, urgings, desiring. Those moments of desperation when the heart cries "there has to be something more", and He tells you there is. Even the most joyful moments when you feel as though things couldn't be any better, but then something whispers in your heart telling you that they can, and they will. What irony it is to both struggle and rest in this idea.

Yet an even greater struggle is the second part. That we shall "not find out the work which God has done". My father once said to me, "You know, Carly, when I tell people about you, I tell them you are like the stock market. You both don't like uncertainty". Though perhaps this is not the most endearing statement a dad can give his daughter, it is definitely the most honest and correct one. Perhaps we look at God the same way. Sometimes I use my time in the Word as a way to figure out God, and my life. Why else do we claim to have seasons in life where our quiet times seem to be dry? Is it because we seek after God for the answers he provides instead of seeking only after God, seeing Him as THE Answer? Is it that we are looking and hoping for a burning bush or a whale to envelope us, instead of calming ourselves in order to hear His voice in the wind? We buy into the idea that the Maker and Creator of all things must have at least a little more knowledge than the rest of us. But an all-knowing God that sees everything, ordains everything? We just want to know! Patience and trust are the some of the most sought after qualities in character, but certainly the hardest to discipline ourselves in.

Because of all this I have decided to name my "blogging" after this passage. It signifies not only the daily walk we have but the deep purpose we were created for. By dwelling on the truth of eternity, all that it promises and entails, we understand the reason our lives are meant to glorify God. Solomon follows this verse with a call to rejoice. So let's rejoice! We have an omnipotent God whose timing is perfect, who places eternity, Himself, in our hearts. Our longings are come into the light, and we can begin to trust Him with them. There certainly can be no greater gift, no deeper meaning, no purpose more obvious than this. In the Truth, I will rejoice.

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